March 4, 2011

It's Play Time!


From fun, vintage games and handmade toys, to big kid lunch boxes and bedtime stories, it's play time and we've got everything you need to keep your little one occupied, safe, and eco-friendly!

Look and Cook by Tina Davis: Somewhere between banging the table with a spoon and refusing to eat Brussels sprouts, children are captivated by the magic that takes place in the kitchen. Transforming a lump of dough into a chocolate chip cookie, watching a pancake puff up on the griddle, rolling meatballs between their hands are all enchanting to children. Look and Cook features 50 simple recipes for kids of all ages that capture the fun of cooking.

See and Sew by Tina Davis: Do your 8- to 12-year-olds have the itch to stitch? Get them started with this vibrant introduction to sewing that doesn't require a machine or any advanced skills. You'll find simple instructions for basic techniques and fully illustrated step-by-step directions for 16 kid-friendly projects, including a strawberry pot holder, a drawstring bag, and a sock doll!

Perisphere and Trylon Vintage Games: Offering American lifestyle-culture inspired toys that transport between past, present, and future, these fun board games will have you and your little one laughing as you reminisce playing them as a child. 

 Maple Landmark Scoots: My Little Scoots are the perfect simple wooden cars, designed for the 2-year-old and up's imagination. These simple, safe, and colorful cars are small enough to travel along anywhere and durable enough to make it back.

So Young Mother lunch box: Nothing makes a child feel more like a big kid than the first lunch box they can call their very own. So Young Mother makes their lunch boxes with coated linen and have a clean, modern feel with a palette of retro-inspired designs to suit every taste. Wear it backpack or messenger style for hands free adventure outings!


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