November 30, 2010

Seed Staff Picks

Gift giving can be quite stressful at this time of year, especially with the crowds of people and traffic on the roads. Though we can't promise to alleviate the swarming people, we've created staff picks in hopes of making your holiday shopping adventures a bit more manageable!


Emily is in her twenties, but she's a ten-year-old at heart. She loves almost everything, especially her bicycle, old movies and anything even remotely whimsical. When she's not working or riding around Orange County, she's playing her guitar and day-dreaming about future world travels.

Know someone who fits that description? Let us help you pick a gift!
 Emily's Picks:
Horny Toad Flanery Shirt-  Fall = football. Football = tail gates . No better way to enjoy the game, friends, and the grill than in a warm and classic flannel! The Flanery goes deep with soft flannel, true fall colors, organic cotton and classic good looks. Score.

Lole Coastline Tunic- The perfect go-to tunic made of linen hemp and organic cotton. Men, this makes a great gift for the ladies!

Clark's Desert TreksThe retro 'Desert Boot' has been a Clarks® classic for nearly 30 years. Why do we love it? Rich, supple leather upper with signature center-seam design, nature-formed last allows for natural toe spread to promote good foot health, suede-lined counter maintains heel stability to prevent slipping and ensure a proper fit, leather-covered EVA footbed wicks away moisture and conforms to the foot for a customized fit... yep. That pretty much covers it.

This is New York by M. Sasek- The This is series wouldn't have been complete without New York. The book is the first of 3 on American cities and engages every age range, providing comfort to those like Emily who have memories of their hometowns.

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