April 26, 2012


MEET JACOB BROWN!!! He has been a part of the SEED family for some time now and this SATURDAY April 28th, 2012 he will be gracing us with his musical talents.  

In High School he was involved in several art mediums as a film student, but once he graduated he needed to find a new outlet to stimulate him creatively.  He turned to the guitar, which was introduced to him by his close friends Martin Stanley and Etha Plate.  Both of which would allow Jacob borrow guitars as he explored his new medium.  He found that music came natural to him and began writing and performing his own songs with a band that he had formed during this time.  Currently the band has gone on hiatus and now Jacob is back to writing and performing music by himself.  He enjoys writing songs that give the listener insight into how he perceives the world.


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