April 14, 2012


LYNN SMITH is a self-taught artist driven by a passion for creativity and a deep love of the natural world.  Following a career in journalism, she turned to visual expression, inspired by the awesome forms and designs that washed up on  the beach where she lives.  She began collecting shells and sea glass and was soon adding beads, fringe and tokens from around the world.  The silver and bronze charms reflect the universal nature of the ocean and her jewelry.  Her works are unique--- RUSTIC, ELEGANT, NATURAL, and FUN!!  The combine pearls, shells, glass, silver, and brass that hang together from hand-knotted, braided or crocheted cords of waxed linen or shiny ribbon.

"Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad... All scars she heals, whether in rocks, or water, or sky or hearts."

Come into SEED Saturday April 28th for our Last Saturday Event and meet LYNN along with several other amazing artists...


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