September 7, 2011

Man vs. Wild: New In Men's Apparel

You can take the wild out of the man but you can't take the man out of the wild! We do our best to provide top of the line products that even Bear Grylls himself would use! Below are some of our newest additions to our men's outdoor apparel department. 

1. Kelty Pack Cycle Hiker $59.95
2. Kelty Pack Mockingbird $124.95
3. Kelty Pack Cargo Drum $44.95
4. Mad Hungry by Lucinda Scala Quinn $27.95
5. Sorel Woolbine Bison boot $105
6. Hunt, Gather, Cook $25.99
7. Filson Mackinaw Cruiser $285
8. Filson Antique Tin Cloth Lined Shirt $140
9. Alaskan Guide Shirt $85


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