May 26, 2011

Last Saturday's MAY!


It seems as though the last Saturday of every month comes quicker and quicker each time. It's time for Last Saturday's May! We've got four fabulous local artists lined up for this Saturday. Come by and support your locals as you shop their selection of handmade goodies!

1. Repeat Tees: 
Handmade bags and scarves made of the finest recycled tees!

2. Old Faithful Stump Stoves: 
Outdoor adventure enthusiasts no longer have to tear down local natural resources to enjoy a good campfire. Old Faithful Stump Stove comes from the dense evergreen forests of Canada’s South West, where thinning is good for the environment and promotes new life.

3. Jenny Allen: 
Beautiful handmade glass work!

4. Desiree B.: 
Adorable handmade cards and plush animals!


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