April 14, 2011

Fill a Basket [Easter]

1. Bamboula straw basket $60
2. Socksquatch by Frank W. Dormer $14.99
3. Klean Kanteen $19.95
4. Garden in a Bag $9
5. Mighty Wallet $15
6. Kauzbot $24.99
7. Sseko Sandals $39 Straps $8-$10
8. Clif Bar $2
9. To-Go Ware bamboo silverware $14
10. 31 Bits Daphne bracelet $10
11. Scotch Naturals nail polish $15
12. Apple Park finger puppets $9

We have the baskets. We have the goodies to fill the baskets. All that's missing is you! Make SEED your one-stop-shop for your Easter baskets this year.

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