December 9, 2010

Eco-Gift Guide!

Gifts that Give

Spread the holiday cheer and support your locals! Our endless number of handmade products from local artists make great unique gifts for your loved ones.

Makana holiday candles 
*Cranberry Clove *White Fur *Spiced Pumpkin *Ceylon Cinnamon 

3 oz. - $10.00 
10 oz. - $24.00

Pretty Paris handmade jewelry
*earrings $6.00 - $8.00
rings $8.00

Native Honey handmade purse $165.00

Desiree B. large handmade penguin $40.00

Pickle Garnish hand-painted earrings $24.00

Au Naturel
Made of all natural and organic ingredients, we offer a large selection of skin care lines that suit the needs for every skin type. 

Kohana Skin Care
Jasmine Green Tea Butter Creme $22.00
Jasmine Green Tea Sugar Scrub $20.00
Cleansing Milk $10.00
Soothing Lavender Masque $14.00
Papaya  Pineapple Enzyme Masque $16.00

Duchess Marden
Pure Rose Water $39.00
Neck Serum $59.00
Creme Cleanser $34.00

Floral and Fruits Organic Perfume
*Madarin *Ylang Ylang *Vanilla 


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