October 25, 2010

Upcoming Classes!

Today, we began our first class from our two-week collaboration with local non-profit LoveArt&. Each class is only $10 which will be a straight donation to their organization! Sign up for classes online or come into SEED! Support our locals and have fun while doing it! You must sign up within 24 hours prior to the class, so click the links and get signed up!

Upcoming Classes:

(click above link to sign up!)
With a little glue, a handful of magazine images and a lot of creative thought, students will learn to discover their own inner-artist.  This is a great way to bring your own personal creativity to journals, greeting cards or gifts.  Collage examples, magazines, and other inspirational materials will be provided.  

(click above link to sign up)
This intro class is perfect for those of you looking to learn basic t-shirt design!  Its fun and easy, come learn how!

(click above link to sign up)
Learn the basics on how to make your own stamps to reuse to print on anything from t-shirts to paper!

For a full list of classes, click HERE!

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