September 9, 2010

Turn Gardening On It's Head

HomArt Hanging Bubble

How's it hangin'? Things are definitely hangin' here at Seed! We recently received these breathtaking hanging bubbles by HomArt made of all-natural materials and recycled glass to create an awe-striking, unique, inventive way to decorate your home. The best part? They're affordable!

Boskke Sky Planter

As you can see, we have a slight obsession with upside-down plants. These Boskke Sky Planters fascinate us. Their genius plant design not only looks beautiful, but also increases oxygen and filters air, bringing greater vitality to the built environment. Can you ask for anything more in a planter?

SEED Reads:
Want to learn more about creating a unique garden? We've got you covered!

From vegetable and succulent gardens to sculpture and rose gardens to mountain and waterfront gardens, New Garden Design covers a range of interpretations incorporating walls, fountains, pavilions, canals, pools, terraces and groves in unexpected ways. The resulting new garden is a pleasure garden vested with spiritual, symbolic and ecological intent. 

 The Contemporary Garden is an illustrated survey of 100 iconic and innovative gardens from around the world, spanning from the early 1920s to the present day. Each garden has been selected for its unique design that made a break from traditional gardens and presented a new, sometimes conceptual, design. With a huge selection of gardens, I think they cover just about everything in this book!

The Vertical Garden is filled with the secrets of plants that cling, grip, and climb, from the inventor of the vertical garden himself, Patrick Blanc.


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