August 18, 2010

Hot Yoga, Hot Products

With a hot yoga studio next door, it is practically a necessity that we carry hot yoga clothing and accessories. So it was only common sense for us to carry Manduka. The quality and performance of Manduka mats and yoga accessories are still unmatched in the marketplace and they carry a variety of styles. For all you yoga lovers, you're going to want to try out a Manduka mat. And to go with your mat, we now carry women's and men's Shakti yoga clothing made of the highest quality lycra and airfit microfiber fabrics that absorb excess moisture. Stop in for your yoga apparel and accessories before heading to Bikram Yoga located here at The Camp.

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  1. Having comfortable yoga pants is vital to assure relaxation and fun during your Yoga class. This is why most Yoga enthusiast use hardtail yoga pants because of the advantages it offers.
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