July 24, 2010

Ever / After

We were recently introduced to Ever/After, a children's clothing line who, to put it simply, make adult clothes for babies. Ever/After pairs simplistic design with premium fabrics in styles they would wear themselves. In fact, they've received so many requests for an adult line that they've even started one! Made of the softest prima cotton available and fitted to perfection, it seems as though Ever/After could not possibly be better right? Think again! Ever/After also donates 25% of their profit from each garment to one of the following causes of your choice:

At least 25% of all households in Uganda look after one or more children orphaned by HIV/AIDS or war (Unicef, 2007).  Sadly, many more have nowhere to go or are abandoned by these families to reduce the stress of having another mouth to feed.  But there is a new hope for these orphaned and abandoned babies.  Loving Hearts Babies Home exists to love, nurture, and care for these babies and reverse the sad effects of malnutrition and neglect.  Soon they are back to a healthy weight and on track developmentally. Their goal is to break the cycle of institutionalized care for these children and unite each of them with a loving adoptive family.  This donation will be used to supply food, clothing, medical care, and aid in the expansion of the facilities so that more babies can find a loving home.  

The Minnie Street Learning Center offers educational support to at-risk children and their families in the inner city of Santa Ana, California.  These children face difficult hurdles living in an area of dense population, poverty, and high drop out rates. The Learning Center meets many of their basic needs and helps them overcome their academic challenges.  It offers programs that grow individuals and strengthen families such as MOPS, teen youth groups, a computer lab, garden project, and art and photography classes.  
Lo Mejor Del Trigo (the Finest Wheat) church is a place of refuge for the people of Rojo Gomez, a small village gripped by poverty near Tijuana, Mexico.  Large families live in houses made from old rusted garage doors and live on just $80 per week.  The new Community Center will be a light in Rojo Gomez filled with the love of God and hope of a better future.  It is here hungry children will be fed breakfast before school every morning.  Infants and toddlers cared for while parents are at work.  Teens and adults will receive job training.  And the sick will get medical and dental care at monthly clinics.  

Come in today to see for yourself how cute these clothes are!!

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